LOOKS <span class="bywj">by Wolfgang Joop</span> x GNTM: Soulin

LOOKS by Wolfgang Joop x GNTM: Soulin

In the course of Wolfgang Joop's guest judging appearance on this year's season of "Germany's Next Topmodel," the designer didn't miss the opportunity to look for young up-and-coming talent in the model business on his own behalf.

As every year, the GNTM contestants had the chance to win a challenge in the form of a fashion shoot. In this episode, Wolfgang Joop was not only an experienced guest judge at Heidi's side, but also a world-famous fashion designer and artist. So it was not far-fetched that his label LOOKS by Wolfgang Joop was also given a lot of attention in this context: Within the casting, the potential top models were given the unique opportunity to get the job as ambassadors of the new LOOKS by Wolfgang Joop fashion collection.

"Beautiful and strong - that's what the zeitgeist designs." - is how the designer described the models' looks, thus also recognizing the perfect connection to his brand, whose designs live from Joop's personal interpretation of the zeitgeist, thus combining timeless classics with modern elements.

One of the models in particular convinced Wolfgang Joop: Soulin, the 20-year-old from Hamburg with Syrian roots, is in his eyes an oriental beauty who, thanks to her glamorous charm, best embodies the aesthetic of the brand. Soulin was able to win the hard-fought job and thus becomes a face of the new LOOKS by Wolfgang Joop spring/summer campaign.